Online Shop Design

Online Shop Design

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If your business is selling goods or services, then there is an ever increasing pressure to have an online presence.

You can sell ANYTHING from t-shirts to file downloads with an amazing combination of a Content Management System (WordPress) and an eCommerce platform plugin.  They’re a vital part of any retail company in today’s age.  More people than ever now are choosing to do all their shopping online, be it food shopping, clothes shopping or anything else really.

eCommerce websites are not only for businesses that already have an existing shop, it is a great and affordable way to run a business cheaply from home or any other location.  You can also watch your business grow and in turn you can grow your eCommerce website.

After the initial design and launch of your website, you can add more and more products as and when you like.  So you can start your business off small and as it grows, so can your website.

Domain Name

When you purchase a website you get a, .com, .org or .net domain name for your website FREE for the first 12 months. (subject to availability)

Website Hosting

Not only do you get a FREE domain name when purchasing a website, you also get website hosting.

SSL Security

All websites comes with an SSL Security Certificate, ensuring that all data that is passed between the web server and browsers remain private and secure.

Responsive Design

All websites are designed multi browser compatible, so no matter what device your customer is using, your website will be easily accessible.

Website Back-Ups

All websites are backed up monthly, so if something happens to your site, we can have you back up and running in no time!


Upon completion of your website, we would then register your website with Google for FREE, giving your business the online presence it deserves.


Logo Design.


Website Design.